Steven Greathead- Limiting consumption

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Over the past week I have been thinking about how much I personally am involved in consumerism, and was talking it over with my family. One of the biggest issues that have developed from consumption in my family is the introduction of the Smart Meters to Ontario homes. Everyday there is some conversion about running the dish washer and/or doing the laundry, which brings up the issues of when we are able to consume and not be charged an over the top amount for the resources. One reason for this being an issues is because I feel it is just another way for governments to control families scheduled lives by almost punishing us if we consume the resources on the peak hours of the day. Also an issue that develops in my family is that many people work nights so the time for them to do their laundry is very limited without paying the peak amount for the resources, and nobody ever wants to pay the top dollar for anything. I feel because we are limited to our consumption throughout the day we use a lot more energy at one period of time, other than having it spread over the week. An example related to my family is that most of our laundry is all on the weekend which is classified as a low peak time, so the washer and dryer are running all day. This just makes me think that were just consuming more resources all at once rather than consuming a little each day and not emptying the resources all at once. This is just my thoughts on the consumption of our resources. What does anyone else think?




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