Jason Purdy – My Spin On ‘hauling’

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I was in class on Wednesday, I am not going to lie, but I was shocked too see these videos of “hauling” that have apparently been ‘plaguing’ the internet and YouTube community. Now to some, and most teens growing up, I guess I understand why these ‘clips’ could be seen as important/relevant. This is mainly because it stresses two main importance’s. First, these girls are showing of their wealth by having the ability to buy (the best clothes) that are available to them. Also, this allows girls to have the ability to not only buy expensive clothes, but unintentionally have the acknowledgement/support of the more popular girls. To me, it seems that these teens are perceiving by making these videos that they are going to be able to move up the social classes and be in with the popular kids because of what they are buying/wearing, where in reality the chances of that actually happening are very slim.

So, overall I found that these clips were more perceived to be a way to fit in/show off what they were able to buy from the mall, and the abundance of stuff they actually can/did buy too. It is rarely seen as a commodity fetish in my opinion by means to which these girls are aware of why they are doing these videos and aren’t necessarily buying in to the same reasons that modern society buys things for.

  1. Katrina K-P says:

    I agree with the you that the ‘hauling’ videos are ridiculous. However, if I buy new things I like to show them. These girls are just doing that in a more unconventional way. You say you do not think that these girls are buying for the same reasons that modern society buys for. I disagree. One of our readings, I forget which, has suggested that we are always trying to ‘up’ our neighbours. I believe this to be true. I know that I want an Audi so I can fit in with the upper classes…though in reality, my chances of affording it are slim. This is why so many people are in debt. They buy what they cannot afford in the hopes that they will make their neighbours envious. This is all these girls are doing with these videos. It is also a way to preserve brand recognition…they are ads in themselves as we discussed in class.

    • I do not think that “hauling” videos are ridiculous at all. I think many of these people are doing hauls as PART of there video contributions. I have watched many haul videos and looked at the background of many of these youtube celebrities, they generally have some kind of “fashion” or “makeup” background. They try to show products that they may use in there professional career (a lot are makeup artists), and they generally show a more affordable haul which many call “drugstore haul”. They give women who generally BUY makeup anyway their ideas of what not to purchase as well as reasons why not too. For the most part they are directed towards women of all different classes (some of the drugstore haul lipsticks for example are as cheap as 2 dollars which is VERY affordable). I myself have found some of these haul videos to be incredibly useful when purchasing items, and specific youtube gurus I actually follow, and have found that I have saved money on makeup which I would have had to otherwise thrown out because it was simply garbage quality, regardless of price. I do on the other hand believe that this type of attitude glamorizes beauty and the importance of it, but on the flip side who would watch a 15 minute video of people going through lipstick or clothes, unless they were already interested in the fashion or beauty industry? It is therefore a online community where people from all over the world can gather to give there opinions and “2 sense” on products they have purchased, and form strong bonds with others based on a similar sense of style or interests.

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