Natalie Di Cecca – Consumerism & Charity

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Charity, consumerism, TED

Slavoj Zizek is one of the great minds of our time, and has very intense feelings towards consumerism and charity. Although following his train of thought (and accent) may be a bit tricky at first, watching this video really does enlighten consumers as to what they are buying and why we think its ‘good’. Give it a view, if nothing else, the cartoonist will keep you entertained.


  1. Alysha Cory says:

    I love RSAnimate videos!! So fantastic, I love that these fabulous lectures (which many would never watch because they are ‘boring’) are getting this amazing pictorial addition! They are all fabulous and add a new level of understanding. But this is beside the point….

    I think its interesting how he identifies the combo idea of charity. We don’t give to charity just for the sake of giving to charity, we need to be getting something in return. So we need it in a combo style, referencing many of our favourite fast food joints. I have never really thought about this issue, or cultural capitalism. Where did the original purpose of charity go??

    On another note though, kudos to the charities that have picked up on this and created organizations that addresses this phenomenon. Regardless if we are getting something out of the charity too, we are still GIVING! Which is better in theory, if the reason we buy certain things because of their charitable intentions. But of course, there are certainly people out there that don’t give a damn about the charitable ideas of the company they are buying from and that are just interested in following the trend of something like Toms shoes. Its all very interesting.

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