Katrina K-P – Radway’s Romance Novels

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I related to this reading highly as I read romance novels as well…pretty much every female in my family does. Most of the reasons Radway says about why women read them are in fact true. “escape” is a huge motivator in why I cant wait to pick up a Johanna Lyndsey book. When I am depressed or upset or just bored, I pick up a novel and can easily relate to the characters’ problems having gone through many of them myself (in the contemporary novels at least). Every girl wants that handsome knight in shining armour who wants to care for us and love us, strong but sensitive. In my opinion, maybe this is why our men do not like us reading these novels. Maybe it’s not because we are not giving them the attention they want; they are simply scared we will find them lacking and leave them. Though this is a girly topic, what do you think guys?

  1. ct340blog says:

    Taylor Crozier– Comment

    I do believe that there is nothing wrong with women reading romance novels, but on the other hand I do believe that they can create unrealistic expectations for women when it comes to finding love and “the one.” Romance novels may lead women to have high expectations for men, as they want them to be the knight and shinning armours that they read about in these romance novels. So yes, I do think this may be one reason why men do not like us women reading them.

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