Steven Greathead- Guilty pleasures

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

After reading Janice A. Radway piece and then having a discussion in class about guilty pleasures, I started thinking about how television ads draw us into these guilty pleasures. Like how tv ads convince our mines that we need these objects but also how when we purchase these objects/things they put our mines at rest and we feel escaped, the same way Radway found the Smithton women became escaped in romantic novels. The tv ad that kept coming back into my mine was a Corona commercial. The commercial shows a cold bottle of Corona in a bucket of ice and when its open a slogan comes across the screen ‘find your beach’. I found that this commercial not only draws your attention to buy the product but also that if you do buy this product that your mind becomes escaped from the real world. This is because most people associate beach with relaxation, happiness and the life away from the daily routine.


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