Taylor Crozier: ‘Escape’ from Romantic Novels… and Video Games

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

While reading the Radway Article on romantic novels, I came across an interesting thought.  In the article, Radway explains that reading romantic novels is one way women can ‘escape’ from the pressures of their or ordinary life, along with their roles and responsibilities of being a wife and mother.  It is stated that men feel threatened by this activity, as the women become fully absorbed into the activity, leaving their physical bodies behind in the room where which they sit.  As I was reading this, it made me relate this ‘escape’ experience to what I believe is another form of ‘escape’ but for men;  my boyfriend is very much absorbed while he plays his video games on X-box.  When he sits on the couch and actively participates in the game, there is no way of talking to him or having a fluent conversation, as he is so fully absorbed that nothing else around him matters.  Like women reading romantic novels, as men play their video games, their bodies are left behind and they escape into another world.  This allows them to ‘escape’ from their own pressures from their professional jobs that do day in and day out to help support their family.  Some people may not agree, but in my opinion, I do think video games is another form of escape that applies to men.

  1. Darcee Carnes, 090814820 says:

    I have seen males completely get lost in a video game, to the extent I have got lost in a novel (non-romantic ones at that). I can agree that these video games are completely engulfing for certain males, however I have some girl friends who get completely caught up in video games as well.
    They zone out everything around them and get completely caught up in the game.

    • ct340blog says:

      With Romantic Novels though, wouldnt we think that our idea on what the males in our lives should act like, be like, and talk like could be influenced by these hyped up novels? Even video games, they give us clues as to what a strong male type is, able to fight, kill, and be great at what they do while looking all sweaty, dirty and built…

      Amanda Pattison

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