Katrina K-P: Wal-Town

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey all,
I watched this video in my CT225 class the other day about Wal-Mart and their worker’s salaries and working conditions. I was surprised by what these Wal-Mart activists had to say and how the public reacted to them. If this is how economic capital is divided among the public then we are doomed to say the least. What does this say about our culture and consumer practices? I understand its a long video (66 minutes) but its worth it.

Wal-Town: The Film: http://www.nfb.ca/film/wal_town

  1. Leisha Senko says:

    In many places consumerism is so deeply a part of our collective identity that those assaulted with this are bound to react badly. I try to buy local and think ethically made but in many ways I fail to do some completely. I think it’s easy to look at some of these southerners acting stupidly and say man what’s wrong with these people, but if someone barricaded the doors to the local drug store (not that this was done here) or reminded me that my forever 21 clothing purchases were made in horrid conditions by impoverished, underage workers I would want to defend myself, whether it was called for or not. I’m not saying it’s right, it really isn’t, I just wonder if some of the theoretical stuff we look at it is being translated over to our own lives. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite… I guess that’s my sad point.

  2. ct340blog says:

    Thanks for posting this!


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