Alysha C – Loved vs. Used

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I came across this photo on Facebook, and I thought it was pretty neat, and very related to the topics we are discussing in class. Where do commodities get their value? What is happening to the human relationships that used to be a part of trade?

What do you think about this class?? I’m interested to hear your thoughts about this photo!

  1. ct340blog says:

    Jenn Tomlinson – wow! I really love this photo, personally. (So much so, that I’m sharing it on Facebook!) I think it is so completely true, and that’s sad. To answer your question about the human relationships that used to be part of a trade … I was actually just contemplating this idea earlier today, when I realized how little I trust salespeople of any kind. Illustration:

    I know a girl who works as a real estate agent, and she comes across as very bubbly, outgoing, and sweet. Only problem is, she, like many people in the sales world, is one of the most two-faced individuals I know. Today I saw her post an enthusiastic “congratulations on your pregnancy! you’ll make a wonderful mom!” on the Facebook wall of somebody she has openly trash-talked to me. Sadly, it seems as though this two-faced, fake behaviour is common in the sales world, where human relationship translates into potential cash in the seller’s pocket. Pretend to be everybody’s best friend, and maybe they’ll call YOU when they want to buy a house or car or TV or whatever line of sales you’re in. To me, it’s very unfortunate that our society sacrifices honesty for the sake of making a sale – I believe it’s the perfect example of us using people (customers/potential customers) and loving things (a fatter paycheck/all the luxuries that come with that).

  2. ct340blog says:

    Madison Hawkins.,

    This picture is great. It captures what our world is coming to. People are no longer happy with being in a relationship or having close friends. It is all about what you have instead of who you have. People are willing to work that job with long hours and ignore their friends and loved ones just so that they can buy that new BMW.

    When did work, money and name brand items become the way to happiness? Isn’t life suppose to be about searching for that one person to love forever and build a family with them? Shouldn’t the best times of your life be spent with your friends being silly and happy–not be spent at the mall shopping for the newest ‘hot’ item.

    Great picture. Thanks for posting it!

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