Alysha C – Shopping

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last week (before we got our shopping assignment), I embarked to the Lyden Park Mall ONLY to visit the Shoppers Drug Mart because I had a location specific coupon. I had a mission, and that was what I was to stick to. It was all going well until I went with a friend to the food court. To get there we had to pass the store Coco. Coco is normally not a store I go into; they sell shoes and bags, but it always looks like it will be expensive so I just stay away. Today was different though. They are closing and were having a monster sale. I couldn’t resist and I went in. The sale signs were ratty, and printed out simply on computer paper and stuck up haphazardly around the store. The store was a mess, there was far too many people in one area, there wasn’t enough help, and yet I was still able to go in there, find 3 pairs of shoes and spend money! I was shocked once I got out. Even more shocked when I read this week’s reading….

As I had said, I don’t go in this store because I find it looks to expensive, perhaps I could extend this definition to be “elite”. Yet when this sale was going on, everything was different. The store was disheveled and there were tons of people in it. This is very different than I am used to seeing it. This could have maybe been accessing “the masses” a bit more directly than before. This concept of store design, lighting, and product influencing the type of customer that enters and buys at the store can be found on page 325-236 of Fiske. The store was targeting a lower class audience than before perhaps which brought in a new crowd (me) and they sold way more items. Also, the staff was able to bargain with prices. The sales associate I spoke with lowered the price for me after she saw I was perhaps unsure about making this purchase. This bartering accesses a lower class as well.

I hadn’t ever noticed this idea that the store design can influence the shoppers before I read Fiske, and even reading it I realized how this is absolutely true, but then experiencing it first hand made it all the more concrete. That is why I chose to write about this shopping experience because I think it relates so strongly with the reading that I couldn’t pass it up! Hope everyone’s shopping trip was enjoyable!


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