Fiske Shopping Assignment (Reading Quiz) – Jessica Laskey

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

A concept that stood out for me while reading Fiske’s article was the fact that shopping malls admit everyone. No matter what your age, race, or socio-economic background is, the mall is always a very accepting place. Whether you need to buy the latest trend for your best friend’s birthday or simply have time to kill, the shopping mall is always a go to place. Why? Why do we automatically think to go to the mall in our spare time? I believe we do this because the mall is a safe place where you can find whatever you need at your convenience. There is no travelling around to find certain stores because all of the ones you like are conveniently where you would like them to be. On top of all that, there is the magical place called a food court where we can grab a smoothie and catch up with an old friend. No matter what you’re craving, the food court has what you want. The controlled climate and soothing music make you feel at ease as you sip your smoothie and window shop, or as Fiske calls it “proletarian shopping.” A shopping mall is like a home away from home where you can feel completely at ease with yourself and your surroundings. Maybe this has something to do with me being female, but I honestly think that both genders can find their secret oasis in their local shopping mall. When you put together the consumerism experience with social gatherings, how can anything go wrong?


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