Paige Thomson – Fiske Shopping experience

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am one of those girls that loves to shop, when I am having a rough day or celebrating something I find a stroll around a store helps to calm me down and escape reality. That being said I also work in retail and my store is very customer service orientated. We are trained to pamper the ladies that come in and provide them with a personal shopping experience. This is what keeps them coming back. We are trained to waredrobe, that means if the lady picks out a top to try it is our job to get her the matching pants, jacket, skirt and jewellery to formulate a entire outfit that can be worn multiple ways. Here this relates to Fiske’s idea of stealing the article because of the sale. The items are not on sale but the ladies cannot resist the offer because of the convinence of the outfit and interchangeable garments.

I have turned a $50 sale of one item to a $200-$300 sale by using this technique of selling clohting to women. Sometimes I do feel guilty after but Fiske says that shopping for women is empowering in a sense that they come into a store and have the upper hand ordering around the sale consultant to meet their every needs. Shopping is empowering, the amount of woman that I have changed a bad day into a good for just by finding that perfect outfit that makes her feel fabulous is also empowering.

  1. ct340blog says:


    Personally, I never get the need or want to go out and buy soemthing just to make myself feel a bit better. My girlfriend on the other hand is the exact same way when it comes to shopping as most women. If she sees something that is a good deal, she will buy it, simply because it is on sale and it is just too good to be true. By the time we leave the store she has thrown even more items on the counter, and always falls for the cheaper small items in which are always put right in front of the till. working in a grocery store, I make it my job to try and help some people save money wherever they can. rather than promoting the name brand products, I am told to support and promote the store brand label in which make our store money, yet saves the customer more than they think.

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