Shopping – Nicole Blume

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

For friday’s assignment, i chose to shop online instead and think critically about the ways in which the online shopping environment plays on the learning and readings. As I clicked through the sites pages they were filled with models with flawless styling and suggested content along the the sides based on what i had clicked previously. Even looking at the names of products, promotions and designs flaunt the ideas of sexuality and desirability for women. Most sites open up with the women’s selection on the left side of the screen, first in the order of reading and colours and designs of the sites are feminine and even some sites have differences between the navigation on the women’s side. The things that were highlighted in the article about women’s shopping appeared very visible even online. With more thought, i chose to look at a few of my favorite shopping malls store directories online, and noticed what i had realized to be true – that there are more specialized women’s stores than any other variety. There is a clear draw to shopping as a social activity, in high school the mall was a prime location to hangout with my friends because we were old enough to be there on our own with freedom and it was accessible through public transit and shopping had become a pleasure and bonding experience. This however only feeds into the consumer attitudes of our future adults. Companies largely market to teens because they tend to have more disposable income than other age brackets with less commitments, and i think that this needs to be combated with media education and understanding for teens.


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