Family Day Shopping Madness -Danielle Pretty

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

On Monday February, 20th I decided to head over to Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall with my mom and sister, letting it slip from my mind that it was Family Day.  When we arrived at the mall, the parking lot was still fairly empty as it was only about a half hour since the mall had opened.  However, once we exited the first store we were in, the mall had been completely overcome by a sea of shoppers.  As the day wore on, the mall steadily became more and more crowded, with huge lineups everywhere.

To me, I found this shopping crowd to be sort of confusing, as this day was established on the notion for families to be able to spend more time together, and is not a holiday like Boxing Day.  However, the mall seemed to embrace this idea of a holiday and the majority of stores advertised having huge sales, which made shopping in February reminiscent of shopping around Christmas.  One store in particular took advantage of this holiday so much so that they had closed down their fitting rooms due to the size of the sale they were holding.  Walking around the mall, my sister commented on the fact that some people took the term “Family Day” a little too literally as large groups of families took up the hallway.  Looking around, you would see many couples pushing around strollers, dragging small children from store to store, and pushing grandparents in wheelchairs around the mall.  From this experience, I was able to observe the sort of depressing reality that shopping malls and consumption have become something like a family activity and bonding experience for our society today.  Family Day is supposed to be a day for families to spend time with each other, not another day to scoop up shopping “sales”.

  1. ct340blog says:

    Colleen Haslett – family day

    It is very true, that the reality is now all about consumption. I’m so glad that my family didn’t end up at a mall this year, although it was one of our options. On Family day last year, we had gone to Yorkdale mall and I can still remember how ridiculously packed it was. It definitely resembled Danielle’s description of Vaughan Mills in regards to the mass amounts of families wandering around and the stores with their “sales”.
    Even though we didn’t go to the mall this year, my family consumed in another way. We had gone to a pottery studio and painted/decorated a ceramic product of our choice that was pre-made. After you paint the object, it gets glazed and put into a kiln. It was a pretty nice way to spend time with my family, as we were all leisurely hanging out and painting at the same time. Although we weren’t in a bustling mall setting, the act of consumption was still there. There was a base charge per person and the price of each product is different depending on the size. It wasn’t a very expensive way to spend the day, but we were still consuming. Our family had then gone out for dinner and a lot of the restaurants that were open looked packed. Both of these activities added up at the end of the day and a solid amount of money was spent on a day hanging out with family.
    A lot of my friends had said that their family day also involved consumption, whether they were at the malls, watching a movie, skiing or out for a meal. Any sort of bonding experience in today’s society revolves around spending money.

  2. Chantal Matteson says:

    Chantal Matteson
    I work at a mall in Hamilton, and actually I am quite surprised that there are malls open on Family Day, as all the ones in Hamilton are closed. It is smart for the malls to be open though because there isn’t much to do when most things are closed. The stores in the mall would make more money because most people have the day off and people can get the items they need on this day rather than rushing around finding time around their busy schedule. I do find it ridiculous though that people spend the day just shopping and not spending time with their family, even though as stated many came with their families.

    I did spend the day consuming as well, however not at a mall. I went for dinner and to the movies. I was shocked to see that most people in these areas were not families at all. However, when out for dinner it was very pleasing to see a bunch of tables pushed together reserved. As I was leaving, a large family came in and they did spend their time together. I have a small family, but seeing this act makes me want to create a dinner every year for my family, instead of going out, because there are not many days in a year that I am able to do so.

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