Alysha C – Barbie Jams

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just thought of this as we were discussing toys and Barbie in particular in class today. The F-Word group on campus ran a Barbie Jam workshop on campus a little while back, and its a really interesting activity to be a part of. The activity is about taking back Barbie and making her make statement about something. There were many many different Barbies created including “Muslim Barbie”, “Cannibal Barbie”, and “Paraplegic Barbie” . The message wasn’t always explicit, but everyone had some reason for making them. You get to make new clothes for her, give her a new hair do, deface the barbie with paint or scissors, or anything really. Its really interesting to see what people come up with. I found an article from the Toronto Star about Barbie Jamming for your reading pleasure 🙂—barbie-jam-youths-give-icon-real-world-makeovers

This fits in with the Culture Jamming reading that is coming up in next week. An interesting way to do something different from the norm.

  1. ct340blog says:

    A little side tracking but check out this video it has to do with a ton of what Barbie influences on our society and how we look at societies ideals..

    International Barbie.

    Amanda Pattison

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