Coolhunters – Nick Birnie

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

After reading through Gladwell’s article earlier this week I found that the coolhunters, or the one’s who hunt for the perceived cool, are likely people that are very interested in fashion, very confident and seem to have a connection with the youth. Therefore, I almost want to state that a coolhunter is more than likely just a young adult with a very confident perception of his or her world of fashion do’s and don’ts. I would have to say that the children are the key, and the coolhunters, who are in theory the users of these keys, unlock these many different ideals of cool. Thus, is there really any true coolhunters then? in my opinion I believe not, and this is due to how i feel the systematics of the coolhunt work, but its not to say that there isn’t a cool out there.


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