Michael Starcevic – Jamming Culture

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

After reading Kalle Lasn article on Culture Jamming a clearer picture has formed in my head on this topic. In the past few years I have heard about culture jamming as a way in which normal people take music and movies and mash them together to form some unique piece of work, and for the most part that was all I thought culture jamming was. Lasn takes about not only jamming entertainment but also the way we think and live to the foods we eat and the vehicles we drive. The notion of uncooling trends is something I find fascinating, take the hype and glamour away from the fashion and the cars and people will not gravitate to these sorts of things any more. When the cost becomes greater then the worth people will finally wake up from this “chained culture”. Here are a few video’s I found that are interesting to say the least.


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