Culture Jamming by Rebecca Den Engelsman

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

When researching culture jamming, I came across this image that I found very interesting and although it does not contain much more than a sentence, it sends a powerful and conflicting message to the media and people in society. This image of a billboard with no pictures only the phrase, “The joy of not being sold anything” made me think of the Lasn article in relations to challenging “what’s cool” and uncooling what is actually considered as cool. Lasn also believes that culture jamming is one of the keys to see change which ultimately has to happen in our world. We as consumers are persuaded by ads such as these, but they often have a different message encouraging us to buy a product so we can look like the people that are also seen on the ad. This billboard is a perfect example of culture jamming because it sends the message that all we see in advertisements are products for sale for the profit of a certain company. It tells us as the viewer that we have our own personal freedoms of consumption and we are our own decision makers when it comes to what we see and take in from ads that we see everyday. It gives us a break of what we normally see in society and perhaps will make us think twice about the next billboard or advertisement that we see.

  1. Michelle Bakelaar says:

    I think it is very refreshing to see a billboard with not trying to sell us anything, although it is implying that are we are constantly being sold to. This reminded me of a city in Brazil called Sao Paulo where they are not allowed to have advertisements.

    Michelle Bakelaar

  2. ct340blog says:

    Found a few other amusing pictures for culture jamming..

    Camel Ciggs–

    Starbucks– Big Bucks

    Amanda Pattison

  3. ct340blog says:

    And also, a quick video on the subject I found to be a little interesting..

    Amanda Pattison

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