Culture Jamming – Faiza Minhas

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Kalle Lasn describes culture jamming as moving back in time, de-marketing, distancing ourselves from consuming and uncooling consumption. Some examples he provides of products and advertisements that have a large impact are fast food, brand names and cost of cars. Here are some adbusters that portray the “other side of the picture” :

1) The logo flag, in my opinion, depicts the “American Dream” that Lasn talks about in his article. Everything in America (and other places) is connected to consumption through marketing and advertisements and different brands have become a means of defining us as people and as a consumer society as a whole.

2) The Mcdonalds adbuster represents obesity and other health problem due to consumption of Mcdonalds

3) The GAP adbuster presents facts about the income gap that exists in our society and is becoming wider day-by-day.

4) Last but not the least, the buyological urge picture illustrates our consumer addiction, which has embedded in us and our culture so much that we have become too used to it is hard for us to see ourselves in any other way (Lasn 423).

Note: Apologies, I cannot seem to get the pictures to appear in the order of their description.


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