How CT340 Has Contributed to Learning (Leisha)

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

What I really like about this course is that it’s made me think harder about my own consumption practices than any other class I’ve ever taken. It’s kind of a tough action to make happen really, because in own experience while contemporary studies are supposed to hinge around the everyday and touch on issues and ideas that we often experience, winding those theories into what happens on a regular basis is very difficult. The readings helped to drive home these points, often very reflexive in nature, pointing back to the reader and asking us to place ourselves either inside or outside certain boxes. My favorite reading was the Coolhunt by Gladwell. It opened up a world I’d never dreamed of before, as always it was stylistically flawless, but on top of that it pointed out the absurdity and randomness inherent in the style system we all take for granted. Painting Deedee as a kind of wayward, cautionary tale in a sense, it was really well thought out. My least favorite article, just because I think this person might be a bit of jerk, was Twitchell’s. By goading us to accept the system we have because we like it and consumption is a natural process, really got under my skin and made me see that in some sense I was living as if he made a valid point. This was kind of the turning point for me, assessing that even though we all espouse that conspicuous consumption is wrong, we still continued to do it. With all of these conflicting readings, tying in notions of gender and race and orientation, weaving the ideas into my own life became a stronger theme and overall I think that’s a very important component of any class.


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