Nicholas Birnie – Final Quiz Reflection

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

After going through the course and taking a look back, i have to say my favorite reading had to be ‘The Coolhunt” by Malcolm Gladwell. The reason for this is because of the idea of trying to hunt for something, and to search and find something that in the end really doesn’t exist, and therefore trying to understand and learn about the people who live their entire lives hunting for this perceived cool. My favorite topic was the shopping, and the only reason it was, is because of the quiz we had instead of class that allowed us to go have a whole new perspective on the mall and the way it works from within. If i would have enjoyed to see a topic brought into the course I would have asked for a section of the course to end up being devoted towards the idea of the affects of consumerism within an educational environment, aka elementary and high schools across North America.


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