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If you are still following the blog this is the end of the Winter 2012 section, no further contributions will be taken into account for marking. Thanks for all your posts and the blog will remain up and other students may add to it if I teach this particular course again.




I recently had the chance to watch this Morgan Spurlock documentary.  It was all about how branding and advertising is taking over in hollywood.  Spurlock challenges himself to create a documentary about brand power, that is paid for by brand power.  He enlightens his viewers on the facts about the how advertising and branding works, and as i mentioned before, does so while advertising products himself. It was an interesting movie that definitely fit into the course material.  It wasn’t as popular as “Super Size Me” but was a good watch, especially while taking this course.It is on Netflix for anyone interested.


Shawn Reinhart 

I was extremely excited to go out and observe consumerism first hand, and what better place to do so than a shopping mall.  I ventured down to Lyden Park Mall in Brantford in the afternoon to examine how Fiske’s article related to actually consumers here.  I immediately noticed the “window shopping” aspect that Fiske touched on, as the majority of people were simply browsing the stores from a distance.  This didn’t seem like a big problem for the mall owners/store owners, as they were content with people looking at products.  Another aspect that related back to the Fiske article was the fact that the majority of people in the mall were in fact female.  Fiske stated that women seem to feel empowered and free when shopping.  This was definately evident as about 80% of the consumers were female.  Overall, it was a great assignment that allowed us to gain experience on consumeristic shopping tendencies.