Alicia McCarron- “Smart May Have The Brains, Stupid Has The Balls”

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

After discussing advertisers pushing limits last week in lecture, I wanted to look into companies that have been recognized for doing just that. I came across a Diesel ad campaign that was run in 2005 called “Be Stupid.” This ad campaign is one example of how advertisers push the limits on sexuality, while promoting something that took me by surprise..stupidity! The catch is, while many of the ads have the phrase, “Smart may have the brains, stupid has the balls” written across it, I could only find one advertisement with that slogan in it that actually featured a male.

My personal opinion on the campaign is that it was completely genius. Diesel pushed the boundaries so far that some of their advertisements were banned by the Advertising Standards Authority due to people complaining about their sexually explicit photos. While yes, I’m sure many people were very taken back, and maybe even offended by Diesel’s ads, I cannot think of a better way to draw attention to your brand. It’s like Miley Cyrus’s new music video that shows her almost completely nude. Similar to advertisers, some people are willing to literally go “balls out” to promote themselves.

diesel-be-stupid-ad-campaign-2010 Be-Stupid-11-a diesel_stupid_bed_witness Be-Stupid-20-a

  1. cs341blog says:

    Tiffany Skrela – Absolutely love that you posted these, they are a perfect example of how far ad campaigns will go to be seen. I also just wanted to point out how if this ad campaign was released this year it most likely would not have been banned, the ads in current years have been far more risque to the point where consumers are now literally numb to the fact that men and women are pretty much naked in magazines, television, billboards etc. This goes back to what you said about the Miley Cyrus video, I do not know about everyone else but I was in absolute shock! I am still unsure if it is able to air on television, but if it is I would categorize it as soft core porn.

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