Carla Quiroz- YouTube Advertising

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today, in class we discussed consumerism, consumption, commodification, and commercialization, and also focused on commodity fetishism. We also watched a few youtube videos, that discussed what “Hauls” are and how they relate to the 4 C’s and commodity fetishism. Even though most of us laughed during the videos especially when one of the YouTube video guru raved about Bath & Body Works candles for over 10 minutes, it is a very smart and modern way of advertising and marketing. By the YouTuber fetishizing over the product themselves, they are marketing the product(s) to hundreds and thousands of viewers around the world, encouraging them to buy these products. Many of the popular YouTubers themselves have made a profession out of making “haul” and other videos .

This link displays the top 25 highest paid YouTubers of 2012

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