Marina Spalla – Commodity Fetishism

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

As it turns out, commodity fetishism is an interchangeable subject within Communication Studies. In CS351 (Visual Communication & Culture) this afternoon, we spoke about Marx and his idea of commodity fetishism, similar to how we spoke of it in CS34.

In Visual Culture, we touched more on the difference between values and riches, and how we actually view commodity fetishism. For example, we talked about the labour process, and how we actually view some of our products being made – i.e. our sub at Subway, but we don’t necessarily think about who is making that product, despite the fact that they are right in front of our face. We also spoke about “selective sight” and how we can choose to see certain things, and ignore others.

I’m posting a video we watched in class, of a Chipotle advertisement. It shows how products are “made” and how we generally turn a blind eye to it.




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