Ashleigh Murdock – Commodity Fetishism: Make-Up Collection Videos

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

As we discussed during our last lecture, Commodity Fetishism is like an unhealthy obsession where we forget about the labour processes that commodities go through, and focus strictly on the commodity itself. While watching MissGlamourazzi’s Black Friday HAUL video, it reminded me of the numerous “Make-Up Collection” videos that beauty guru’s put up on YouTube. In Make-Up Collection video’s, beauty gurus typically show and discuss the all of the products they have, and how they store/organize them. I like to watch YouTube beauty videos, but out of all the videos that I have watched, this one stands out the most to me, as being the most ridiculous. In this video beauty guru, Dolce Candy, shows us her entire make-up collection, and at the beginning of the video claims that she uses every single product. I am a “girly-girl” myself, but I could never imagine owning this much make-up, let alone using every single product.

Dolce Candy clearly has an obsession, and quite possibly an addiction to make-up. She spends at least 30 seconds gushing over how cute she thinks the make-up palettes that look like books are. She also goes on to say that she needs to make more room in her drawers so she can collect more.

In my opinion, the fact that she is a beauty guru on YouTube, still does not justify having that large of a “collection” – there really is no need to “collect” makeup, so I believe that she has a very large make-up fetish, and that this video clearly depicts that.


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