Sean McAlary – Consumerism explained by Macklemore

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

During our last lecture, we covered the topics of Consumerism, Consumption, Commodification, and Commercialization, as well as Commodity Fetishism and how we are constantly focused on material goods. This topic immediately made me think about one of my favourite artists Macklemore and his song “WING$”. The song Wings is basically about how we search for identity through our possessions. If we own something cool, that makes us cool. In this song, Macklemore is a young kid who gets a new pair of Air Jordans. He was the only kid in his class who had them. He explains how he bought them to better his basketball game, but really just bought them to be cool and fit in. However Macklemore realizes these shoes aren’t him. The shoes controlled his life; controlled his desire to fit in. He realizes by the end of the video that the media hypes up commodities like a pair of sneakers and they’re just another pair of shoes.

In this song, Macklemore demonstrates how consumerism affects the youth, and affects humans in general. In an interview, Macklemore explains how industries helped create his own image and helped him stick out from the rest at a young age, boosting his ego and make him continue to spend into his adult life. There are so many quotes in this song displaying consumerism and our search for identity through what we buy:

“We want what we can’t have, commodity makes us want it”

“My movement told me to be a consumer and I consumed it. They told me to Just Do It, I listened to what that swoosh said.”

“We are what we wear, we wear what we are”

This song helps one realize the effect consumerism has not just on society, but on your own life; how the media controls our thoughts, and shapes us into who we are. As consumers, we need to be careful about what we buy into and not let it consume us.


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