Commodity Fetishism – Head and Shoulders for Men – Brad Bowen

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

On the topic of Commodity Fetishism from last class, I had been watching baseball this weekend and couldn’t help but notice the constantly recurring advertisements from ‘Head and Shoulders’. Head and Shoulders has released a line of advertisements similar to Old Spice where MLB Baseball Players CJ Wilson and Josh Hamilton are repetitively captivating women because they are using Head and Shoulders shampoo. This correlates with commodity fetishism because it exemplifies how people are encouraged to view the intrinsic and unique values of the product and get absorbed by it, rather than taking into the long term outlook of the unfair and longterm labor process behind the product of even the poor portrayal of women. This is just one of a handful of similar commercials released by Head and Shoulders.


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