Joel Seetahal: The Culture Industry – Now get to work B**ch

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

When we talked about the Culture Industry In class, this song screamed out at me and 2 days later, the music video has come out to accompany it. I feel like this music video is an example that showcases what Adorno and Horkheimer talked about in their article “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception”. This video is our culture today, the music, and the values it portrays, as a consumer society, yes we want a Bugatti, live fancy, and party in France. We all want nice things. This song is an example of how the industry shamelessly no longer pretends to be art and is rather used as an instrument to promote consumerism, commodity fetishism and so forth. It shows us the life we want to have, and what we need to do to obtain it. The song upholds the ideologies of the elite, the working class has got to work, for these things, but for what? To keep the elites on top.

Going back to our class discussion, this is normal for us, it’s standardized, we expect songs like this constantly talking about designer brands and so forth, its not new. Is it okay thought? Can we break from this cookie cutter for mainstream music? Is this “Art”? I’m sorry if I’m offending any Britney fans, I’m just looking at it critically. I just feel that this is a prime example of the culture industry at work, producing catchy, generic pop songs to get people hooked and make them believe that this is so new and amazing, but really we are just playing or “paying” in the elite’s of society’s game of chess.


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