Daina Goldfinger – Free People Brand as an Art

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The brand of Free People has personally got to be my favourite. The company portrays it’s clothing to be eclectic and different, promoting individuality, natural beauty, love and simplicity. Not only do I own a ton of Free People merchandise, but I myself find I can identify and connect with the brand, As a result, I believe that Free People is a perfect example of a lifestyle as a form of art. The company has created such an intricate image that connects people to it, making them feel as though they are different. I found this video interesting as it is a mini-movie made by the Free People staff that illustrate a young, attractive, ‘girl next door,’ attempting to get the cute guy by looking natural and beautiful. Of course in the commercial, all of the products worn are from Free People. The girl is appeared to look simple, but sexy at the same time, allowing Free People to gain that image. Not only this, but the aesthetic appearance of the furniture, home, background music, etc. all connect to Free People’s style. As a result, I believe Free People is the most successful artist of branding, as they have such a distinct style and people are able to identify with it on so many different levels.


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