Colin P – Commodity Consumption

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

In this weeks reading by John Fiske, he argues that “the meanings of commodities do not lie in themselves as objects, and are not determined by their conditions of production of distribution, but are produced finally in the way they are consumed” (318).

I saw this advertisement/parody a few months ago, and it came to mind when I read this passage. Objects get their meaning from how they are consumed. An object becomes what it is based on your knowledge of what you think it is supposed to be.

In this video, we see an old man using an iPad in what for him, is a normal way. This is because he is using it the way he thinks it should be used. However, since we are exposed to this “normal/technological” social condition, we understand the use of the object because of its cultural meaning in society today. Check it out..


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