Conspicuous Consumption – Brianna Hill

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This week’s readings on Conspicuous Consumption and Shopping for Pleasure made me think of the story and recently released film The Great Gatsby. I should note this is a spoiler alert: the main character Gatsby shows off his extravagant lifestyle by throwing wild parties (that he doesn’t even attend!) with sole intentions of impressing his main love interest, Daisy. As Fiske describes, Gatsby doesn’t actually enjoy the physical consumption of these lavish goods but blatantly “wastes” all this in the hopes that this spectacle of wealth will lure Daisy in. This shows how Gatsby conspicuously consumes by overtly displaying his wealth to signal higher social status to Daisy because who doesn’t praise materialism these days? This constant struggle and competition to “be the best” and consume the most has led to the emergence of the consumer society.

Brianna Hill


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