Deniz Ar -Women’s place is in the mall

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I went to Vaughan mills mall this week…going to the mall once a week has become a part of my routine, even though I don’t really ‘need’ anything…

-The mall was quiet, looks like people are saving their money for the christmas holidays coming up…

The connection I’m going to make with Fiske’s reading refers to Williamson’s politics of consumption. The fact that we don’t really have much control of our status being upper or lower middle class, but by buying a ‘higher end’ product we then feel like a million bucks.

Williamson talks about that ideology of “coping with the frustrations of capitalist conditions of production”. People continuously buying things because of the meaning they come with. As humans we’re constantly searching for meaning in life, whether it’s through relationships with people or with objects. That feeling of unwrapping an Apple product or that feeling of wearing on new clothes for the first time etc.

In a consumer/capitalist society…we give value to things…this is where the idea of branding differentiates buying a jacket from a lower end store vs. a higher end store, even though it’s all made in the same countries.

I completely agree with this point of view, that in real life when there’s something lacking, as a consumer and as a female I head to the mall to relieve whatever issue going on or buy things to make myself feel better. 

“Women’s place is in the mall”, this point stood out to me most…first I was offended by it, seeing that mall was replaced by the home. However, today, if you ask me this is not the case! The mall is full of both genders, and guys are purchasing and taking care of their physical appearances more than ever. In a culture where people have to fit certain ‘cookie cutter molds’, both gender are buying things look good, feel great and fit in.

Last point I’m going to raise on Bowlby’s part…is this: Is shopping, and the idea of the mall just another patriarchally constructed ‘place’ controlled and run by men and used by women? 


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