Alison Catalano – Quiz #2

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

When I went shopping this weekend in downtown Toronto, Fiske’s concepts in his essay were brought to mind when I was shopping at the Eaton Centre. When I went I had no intention of buying anything but simply just to look and entertain myself as I waited to meet up with a friend. As Fiske mentioned in his article, there is a type of trickery that occurs for those, like myself, who don’t buy anything but who attend to the mall for different purposes. My purpose was simply to just look around for ideas of what to buy friends and family for Christmas. As I walked around I found the window displays always somehow caught my attention, whether there was a use of lighting, mannequins dressed in new attire, or images placed to draw in attention. With some of the displays I found that they gave me ideas for future gifts that I could purchase or ideas for myself, even though I didn’t buy anything, I still have those ideas in my head and am reminded by the displays the stores had.


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