Trevor Marshall – Quiz #2 Fiske and Identity

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

When I went to visit the Conestoga Mall this past week, I went in looking for different situations that I could relate the concept of Shopping malls being like cathedrals. But while overhearing a woman’s comment, I shifted my focus to the concept of “display” and identity.

I overheard a comment a woman said to her friend, she said “Oh my god! That is totally you!” and this got me thinking. By saying that she is basically implying that that piece of clothing is a part of her, and it is what defines her. What defines you? Is it the clothes you wear? While thinking about these questions, I continued to wander the mall, exercising what Fiske would call proletarian shopping. Then I remembered the quote from Fiske, Shopping in the mall is like “wandering from potential identity to potential identity.” (Page 325) So I started looking at all the different identities in the different stores. The people who shop at West 49 seem to have a totally different identity than the ones in RW&CO. After seeing this, I drew some connections with my own shopping habits. While in high school I had a much different identity, always shopping at stores such as West 49, but as a grew older my style and identity started to shift and become more mature, now one of the stores that I visit frequently is RW&CO.

It is fascinating to me how little decisions, like where you purchase your clothes, affect who you are and how others perceive you. I came to the conclusion that where you shop might not be a reflection on how you perceive yourself, but how you want others to perceive who you are, which might eventually change who you are into this perception.


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