Holly Thornton- Quiz #2 Fiske and Shopping

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

After a busy week of midterms and assignments, I was very excited to go to the mall to get my halloween costume. Having had a particularly stressful week, I found myself going into a store with the intent of buying one thing, but ended up coming out with multiple items (and an increasingly large visa bill!). This made me think about Fiske’s discussion of the mall as a sense of freedom. I am someone who definitely is a victim of ‘shopping therapy’ and will often go to the mall when I am down or stressed because it is a means of escapism. This is exactly what Fiske was talking about- when he discussed the way women shop. I would argue like Bowlby and Fiske that this is not necessarily something males do. Fiske also discussed how shopping can be seen for some as a sign of having control. I also agree with this sentiment. While I may not have full control over how I do on a midterm or an essay, I do have control over what I choose to buy at the mall. While these ‘escapism’ and ‘control’ notions may seem a little paradoxical, I definitely am able to see how they work in my own life.


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