Rachel Tilner- QUIZ 2

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

After going shopping this past week at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, I realized a lot about my shopping patterns that I hadn’t noticed before when passively shopping at malls. My original purpose for going shopping was to find a Halloween costume. However, I found myself wandering away from the Halloween costumes and walking into stores with normal clothes such as H&M and Costa Blanca. Although I had no intention on buying anything because I am aware that I do not have money and I don’t really need anything I was still gravitated to these stores and wanted to look at the newest fashion. What I participated in is what Fiske calls proletarian shopping or “window shopping” which is in other words looking around stores without the intention to buy. All this does is make me upset that I can’t buy the things that I want , but  yet I still do it anyways.  I tell myself that if I could only have these items they would make me feel better but yet when I buy them it just stresses me out more because I spent money I have on things I don’t necessarily need.

Another thing I didn’t ever take the time to analyze at the mall is the way the mall represents gender. I noticed that most shoppers were women and most of the stores and advertisements were geared towards women. The only time I really saw men was when they were there with their girlfriend or a group of young boys there to pick up girls. This also relates to Fiske’s article because Fiske talks about women and consumption and how women are the biggest consumers since it was the first time they were able to move from private to public. 


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