Erica Goldfarb – Quiz #2

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

I finally took a break from my studies and headed to Conestoga mall for some retail therapy. Even though I went to the mall to buy Halloween accessories, I found myself walking into normal clothing stores to look at the latest fall fashions. Even though I had no intention of buying anything, I realized I was engaging in what Fiske calls “proletarian shopping”. Upon walking into the apple store it was evident that Fiske’s belief that the shopping mall is like a cathedral was not far from reality. As always, the store was packed and people were worshiping the products by checking out the new iPhone 5s. The way the people were worshiping the goods also reminded me of our previous discussion of consumer fetishism. Again the Apple store was a prime example of Fiske’s “proletarian shopping”.  It was quite obvious that many of the people in the Apple store had no intention in investing in an expensive apple product, most people were just window shopping.  Like other people have mentioned in prior posts, it seemed like it was more women in the actual stores and more men sitting on the benches in the mall aisles or in a chair in the actual store. Another thing I noticed was that there were very few men shopping alone, however it seemed like there were numerous women shopping all by themselves. This observation proves Fiske’s idea that the shopping mall is a space controlled and dominated by women.


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