Meagan Smith- Advertising and Feminism; The Power of Photoshop

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized


In Elizabeth Wilson reading on Feminism and Fashion, we get to look into the world of women in the public eye. As well we also look into the discourse that comes with females being in the public eye. Basically we learn about the stereotypes and ideologies produced of women and how the female identity is socially constructed. WLU’s CSA (Communication Student Association) posted this link on their Facebook page, and I feel it is relevant to share with everyone regarding this topic. The video is similar to the Dove “real beauty” video that was released a few years ago. Where a video representation show all the changes a models appearance goes through in order to be “ad” ready. However, this one is a representation of the whole body. Although I have seen the Dove video many times, I still found this new Power of Photoshop video to be shocking.  It’s truly sad that this is STILL societies views on ‘true beauty’. 


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