Daina Goldfinger – Gender Separations in Advertising

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

After this lecture, I noticed that gender roles are very prevalent and reinforced in advertising from the very time you are eligible to be an active consumer until one is no longer. Child advertisements for toys and food are marketed towards specific genders. These advertisements pave the way for ideology and gender norms. As children, we are taught through advertising that there are masculine and feminine toys. For example, car, pirate, army toys and action figures are marketed more towards the male gender, while barbies, dolls, toy babies and ovens are marketed towards the female gender. As children, it is considered outside of the norm for boys and girls to play with the opposite gender related toys. Girls are marketed towards acts that are considered more feminine in nature such as, cooking, shopping and nurturing, while males are marketed towards ideological male actions, such as fighting, working and driving. Since gender roles are naturalized at such a young age, most children do not realized they are being brainwashed into gender norms. This video illustrates the clear distinctions toys have with regards to gender. It is these differences with gender-oriented toys that ultimately shape the ideologies of gender, and they way the general population distinguishes men and women.


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