Mad Men – “Hunger as Ideology” – Colleen Reid

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Mad Men – “Hunger as Ideology” – Colleen Reid

Susan Bordo’s piece, titled “Hunger as Ideology” immediately stirred many examples in my mind, specifically relating to television.  After watching an hour-long program on television with her ideas surrounding women and hunger, image, slimness and dieting and their relationship to the female consumer, consumption and also ideology I released how often we are exposed to these ideas. These ideologies surrounding women, hunger and ideology exist in a process of interpellation, where we are hailed by these hegemonic and dominant ideologies concerning the female image and the female body.

After reading Bordo’s work, an example that came to my mind was Betty Drapper/Francis’ character on the hit show Mad Men and her significant weight gain in season five.  The Executive Producer, Matthew Weiner makes some interesting comments in the article in which he was interviewed in.  Here are a few of the comments he made regarding her character on the show.  The full article can be found in the link.

“She’s lost her job, […] which is being beautiful.  So what is left for her?” (OCWeekly 2013)

“What’s fascinating is that giving her this blow to her vanity, this compulsion, this self-destructive impulse, this physical representation of her unhappiness, really kind of opened up the character.” (OCWeekly 2013)


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