Brad Bowen – Addicted To Shopping In North America

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After last nights class and the discussion around shopping, I often overlooked the addiction to shopping many consumers have and to what effects that may bring to them and the people surrounding them. From the reading, Elizabeth Wilson states that people who become so engrossed and passionate about fashion and clothing are deemed as ‘fashion victims’ (Wilson, 291). The effects that pour out from a victim of fashion can be over-consumption, mass spending, depression, lashing out against gender roles (feminism), and much more. Wilson states that many people are concerned with their appearance and sense of self, and how others will view them based upon what they are wearing – leading to this mass of shopping for fashion items (Wilson, 294). In fact, it becomes evident that many women feel the need to build their feminine identity through shopping today, and feel the need to also create a positive identity for themselves by dressing in nice clothing. I found this article US News very interesting as they investigate the habits or fashion addicts, and what effects come from ‘shopaholics’ in our modern day spending world. Through this article, there are relations to some of the effects Wilson outlined in the reading “Feminism and Fashion” and how some of Wilson’s arguments are applicable to modern day shoppers.


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