Holly Thornton- Model Crysal Renn and the beauty ideal.

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Holly Thornton- Model Crysal Renn and the beauty ideal.

This is a bit of an older article (from March), but I remember hearing that like the article says, during Fashion Week in New York,  Juice Cleanses were promoted directly to models and many agencies pressured models to fit their ‘ideal.’  High fashion model Crystal Renn in more recent years has taken a stand in the fashion industry and feels that the sample size should change from a size 0, as this is not something she finds realistic.  Renn has publicized her struggles with anorexia and often discusses body weight issues.  I think this is interesting in relation to the Bordo reading and yesterday’s class discussion on anorexia, because while their are many advocates out their criticizing the fashion industry, you rarely hear the criticism coming directly from a model implicated in this industry.  I wonder if a model taking this stand gives a more powerful message, or if this is something that is paradoxical.  Renn is now considered a ‘plus sized model’, as after dealing with extreme dieting and anorexia, she gained a considerable amount of weight.  Renn continues to work in the fashion industry.  What kind of message does Renn send to girls? Is she a beacon of hope in the fashion industry? Or is she still directly implicated to the issues of weight in the fashion world?


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