Jessica Mitra: Carl’s Jr Teriyaki Burger – Hunger as Ideology

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The following is a commercial for Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki burger and as discussed in lecture this week, this is a perfect example of how consumption of food is portrayed in mainstream advertising. In relation to Bordo’s article, for women – eating is invested with deep emotional meaning. Supposedly this is an advertisement for a burger, however it also reaffirms stereotypes about men and women through what they eat. “Men are supposed to have hearty, even voracious, appetites” (p.104). The message in this ad is basically saying burgers are bad and make you fat, but even people with bodies like Audrina’s can’t resist the Carl’s Jr Teriyaki Burger. What is the real message here? To eat… or not eat?
This short 30-second ad focuses on Audrina’s body and she says “to look this hot in a bikini… I have to be a little bad sometimes”. It reminds women how dangerous food is to their bodies creating fear of gaining weight and not having the skinny body constantly flashed in advertisements.


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