Alison Catalano – “Hunger as Ideology: Facebook linked to Eating Disorders”

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

The link I posted is an article published by Psychology Today in 2011. This link connects back to our readings and discussion in Monday night lecture about how social media creates pressure to fit into an unrealistic body image. In lecture we discussed a lot about advertisements in magazines, and on television, but now with the uprising of posting photos onto media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to achieve the most ‘likes. These media platforms have put more pressure on young tweens and adolescents to  to fit an idealized image objectified in the media. With the constant reminder of what is “considered” beauty, young people, especially females, have taken to the extreme of eating disorders, to fit the mold. Psychology Today, discusses these issues of superficial beauty, and unrealistic standards imposed by the media, and then relayed through Facebook and Instagram.


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