Haley Allen- Hunger as Ideology

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

This commercial by Yoplait perfectly exemplifies the concept of hunger as ideology discussed in the Wilson reading this week. In the commercial, the main female character is a in a constant battle with food, trying to debate her options that will both please her cravings as well as keep her thin. Also in this commercial, we see an alternative woman. The woman who can keep her cravings at bay while loosing weight and being exceptionally thin. We see the first character idolizing the thinner woman, complimenting her on her weight loss. This commercial shows the way that advertising targets women’s bodies and women’s struggle with food cravings as a way of selling goods. Yoplait is trying to show consumers that the thinner, more controlled woman is much better and if you want to be just like her you should buy their product. This commercial received immense controversy and was eventually pulled from television because its critics suggested that it promoted eating disorders.


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