Hunger as Ideology – Brianna Hill

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

One of the concepts we discussed from this week’s readings in lecture is Wilson’s concept of hunger as an ideology. This can be clearly recognized in the product line “Skinnygirl” low calorie alcohol beverages. Besides simply saying it in the product name, the following commercial shows that if you want to “Drink like a lady” you need to drink Skinnygirl beverages. The marketers have strategically targeted their product to the vulnerable, persuasive market of women. Women are constantly looking for new ways and products to conform to this ideal body image of being skinny. Therefore, Skinnygirl’s product is implying that a true lady is skinny. In addition interestingly enough, although there is a lower calorie count in the beverages, the drink’s alcohol content also decreases – defeating the purpose and revealing the marketing scam.
Brianna Hill


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