Daina Goldfinger – Hunger Ideology in Advertising

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Upon the last lesson, I decided to research how food is advertised in contemporary Western society. I came across this advertisement for Dove chocolate. Dove chocolate is marketed towards women. Not only does the name Dove produce feministic connotations, but the commercials also attribute to women’s stereotypes. Women are always portrayed to be chocolate lovers, who emotionally eat this sweet candy when they are not feeling up to far. Chocolate is the object of negative reinforcement in this specific advertisement. Every time a woman is confronted with a negative situation, in which she does not react positively and therefore becomes emotional, she decides to ingest chocolate. The advertisement portrays women who cannot deal with their emotions, and as a result use chocolate as a sort of medicine or therapy in difficult situations. The woman in the commercial is both pretty and thin, which is not a very common factor amongst people who are constantly eating sweets as the woman does in this commercial. The advertisement portrays the female character eating chocolate in almost any distressing situation, further promoting the idea that women are vulnerable and emotional beings.


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