Joel Seetahal – Victoria Secret: Fashion = Art?

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Im honestly torn on this debate after class, wether Fashion can be considered genuine art, or what is considered genuine art in this day and age. I apologize for dwelling on this as I know we’ve had this discussion in class before when talking about entertainment and the culture industry. My mind has just been a bit boggled after watching Lady Gaga’s bad romance music video. The line between art and entertainment is so blurred. Its obvious when we see music videos and see shameless product placement plugs, but what about something like this

A Victoria secret fashion show. I’m torn here because critically we analyze it and say its not art and that its just a big advertisement for VS. However can’t you argue that its the designers bringing their ideas to life and showcasing a visual feast for the audience. Even though it does promote capitalism, people see the stuff on the runway and want to get it, cant you say that it can be art? They’ve created outworldly looks with the different wings and costume props and so forth, which people find fascinating. 

Another thing that comes to mind with this example is the ideologies this show promotes. Women studies 101 in action: This runway show portrays a beauty ideal and values traits which are unattainable to most people and contribute to low self esteem. 

My point in the end is, do we consider this art, or tasteless entertainment? Does there have to be such a strong dichotomy between the two? Can we just except this hybrid of art/entertainment? Is there away to promote art or fashion away from the commercialization of businesses? What purpose would that have? 



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