Nick Mendes: Comedy in Ads to capture attention

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

In recent classes we have been discussing the thousands of advertisements we see everyday, and how this ‘ad clutter’ has become white noise to us and we most likely tune out when we see advertisements. One way advertisers are capturing their audiences attention is to use satire and comedy in their ads to help you remember their products. One of the most recent commercials I remember word for word is the Tylenol Nighttime commercial because it is comedic which actually made me pay attention to the ad. I would have to argue that advertisers in the future need to adopt Hollywood stuctures of entertaining and comedy in order to capture peoples attention. Do you pay attention to advertisements when they are comedic? What are some ads that have captured your attention in the past?

  1. Brad Bowen says:

    I definitely would have to agree with Nick, the comedic factor of a commercial is always what entices me to pay attention. When you think back of memorable advertisements, more often than not is it the ones that are comedic. In addition, I find when ads are comedic I am more likely to share them with friends via Facebook or on the web. By doing this, I am promoting the commercial and supporting for thousands of other Facebook users to see which also makes these comedic commercials more effective and memorable. Recently, I have found one ad that keeps capturing my attention is “What Would You Do For Hockey Tickets?” run by Molson Canadian. The ad features people doing ridiculous things just for hockey tickets. Funny enough, I saw this because someone shared it on Facebook, exemplifying how this effect of sharing and communicating commercials with a comedic value has become so popular and beneficial for companies.

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