Roxi Nicolussi #2: Harlem Hates the Harlem Shake

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

WLU’s take:

Harlem’s opinion:


The Harlem Shake dance originated in 1980 and became extremely popular in Harlem, New York. First done by Al B, who has now passed away, the Harlem Shake became a dance of the people of Harlem- half joke, half culture. In 2012, Baauer, a dubstep artist, came out with a song that mentioned the Harlem Shake. Since then, several different imitations of the dance have flooded youtube. These imitations, though fun, involve a lot of nudity, thrusting and flailing that would definitely not be appreciated by the people of Harlem that take pride in their dance.

When interviewed, the people of Harlem were disgusted by the mockery that had been made of their name. “This is not the Harlem Shake at all!” said most of the people in the community. “They aren’t taking it seriously!” “Injustice!” “It’s not a dance, it’s a lifestyle!”. By consuming a culture one knows nothing about, one can make a complete mockery of the culture without knowing.

  1. cs341blog says:

    Nathan R – Nice example Roxi!

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